Notes vol. 2


Climate and capitalism

Cooperation and the Commons

Malcom X Grassroots Movement

Common-wealth UK

Cooperation Jackson -- with a profile on American Climate Rebels.

Four Futures

The book Four Futures, by Peter Frase

Fully Automated Luxury Communism

Bastani's Op-Ed piece in the NYT



Kris De Decker, Low-Tech Magazine, No-Tech Magazine

No Tech Magazine

Talk: "Ecotech Myths and Lessons" about slowing growth and energy use cycles

Kris De Decker, Profile

Low-tech magazine


On Rebel Tech

Evgeny Morozov talk at Republica on Rebel Tech

Essay introducing Rebel Tech

On Facebook's Libra:

Critiques of Ecomodernism

Capitalism and Climate

Naomi Klein "This Changes Everything"

Murray Bookchin

Essay on Ecological Crisis:

In addressing the sources of our present ecological and social problems, perhaps the most fundamental message that social ecology advances is that the very idea of dominating nature stems from the domination of human by human. The primary implication of this most basic message is a call for a politics and even an economics that offer a democratic alternative to the nation-state and the market society.

Climate and the Economy

"Petroleum, natural gas, and coal continue to dominate U.S. energy consumption" -- link